Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School

Covid-19 Message

We need to all work together to keep our school community safe and healthy.  

poster of the hands face space campaign in relation to Covid 19

What should I do during drop-off and pick-up?

  • Do not arrive on site early - please keep to the staggered starts
  • Keep socially distanced from staff and other parents/carers including your friends
  • Keep your children beside you until staff come out to collect them - children should not be running around the playground
  • All adults should wear a face mask unless you are exempt
  • You must NOT come on site if you or a member of your household is symptomatic or has tested positive
  • You must NOT come on site if you have been advised to self-isolate
  • Please do not come to the school office unless you have telephoned or emailed in advance
  • If you are coming into school, please wear your mask and if you have paperwork to complete we ask you to bring a pen 

What are the three main symptoms of Covid-19?

  • Temperature
  • New dry, persistent cough
  • Change or loss of sense of taste/smell

What should I do if my child develops symptoms?

If your child develops one or more symptoms, we ask that  ALL members of your household stay at home and follow guidelines regarding household isolation.

If your child has a test and it comes back negative, they may return to school as soon as they feel well enough.

If your child has a test and it comes back positive, they must complete their ten day isolation and other household members must continue to isolate. 

You can find information about these symptoms, how to get a test and what to do next from the NHS and Government. You may also phone NHS 111.

Public Health England have also produced a letter explaining to parents when to seek and book a coronavirus test for children. You may find this helpful in deciding whether your child should be tested.

It is really important that you inform school about the symptoms they are experiencing, when these started, the outcome of any test and whether any siblings who attend school also become symptomatic.

What will happen if my child develops symptoms whilst at school?

If your child develops one or more of these symptoms whilst at school we will ring you and ask you to collect them as well as any siblings they may have. We will advise you to seek a test and follow government isolation guidance

When you collect your child(ren), you will be given a pack of work which will provide four days of learning. After this, you are asked to follow the online home-learning.

It is really important that you inform school as to the outcome of any test and whether any siblings who attend school also become symptomatic.

What should I do if a member of the household is asked to isolate?

If a household member is advised to self-isolate e.g. by NHS Test and Trace or by an employer as they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, your child(ren) may continue to attend school as normal as long as the household member doesn't display any symptoms.

If this household member begins to display symptoms then ALL household members including children must begin isolation and follow government guidance.

If you are advised to isolate as a household as you have all been in contact with someone who has tested positive, then this will include children and they should not attend school.

It is really important that you keep school informed. You must contact school if you need your child(ren) to isolate, if they begin to display symptoms and the outcome of any tests.

Will isolation due to Covid-19 affect my child's attendance?

Absence from school related to Covid-19 isolation will not affect your child's attendance. However, you must inform school as to the reason for absence and keep school informed as to whether children are isolating, symptomatic, awaiting a test and the result of any test taken. This is important not only for our records but so that the appropriate action may be taken.

How can my child access learning if they are isolating?

Children sent home from school will be issued with a pack of work. This will provide learning for approximately 4 days. If your household is self-isolating, we can provide a pack if you can arrange for someone outside of your household to collect it.

After four days, home-learning guidance for each year group may be accessed from the "home-learning" menu tab of the main website. This includes links to the National Oak Academy. You may email any work undertaken to school for teachers to provide feedback. Please ensure you include your child's name and class in the subject line. Home-learning should be sent to the relevant year group email which can be found on the home-learning page.

What is Government Guidance on the opening of schools?

Government Guidance on relation to the opening of schools may be accessed from here. This documentation has also been translated into Polish, Chinese (simple) and Portuguese. If you require this in another language, please speak with the school office.