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Kingsway Primary School is committed to enhancing the learning, skills and knowledge of our pupils. Not only in the National Curriculum subjects, but also by building aspiration and developing the key skills needed for future life employability.

As a school, our aim is to inspire our children by providing them with a range of meaningful experiences, visits and visitors that teach them about the wonderful world of work. By doing so, our careers programme helps to provide our children with information and an insight into interesting careers to shape their futures.

Our effective careers support will help pupils:

  • In the short term to feel self-assured, confident and optimistic about their futures – becoming motivated and inspired to learn and excel themselves.
  • To develop the resilience to take risks, deal appropriately with any disappointments, setbacks and challenges to equip them for the real world of work.
  • To help children to understand the relevance of learning to their futures.
  • To prepare young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of real life.

Our aims are:

  • To inspire our children to think of their futures and have a secure knowledge of a range of interesting careers to help raise their aspirations.
  • To understand the basic skills and attitudes needed to be successful in the world of work and provide experiences of meaningful interactions through guest visitors and virtual events.
  • To challenge all forms of stereotype and preconceptions about careers.
  • To develop our children’s self-evaluation skills and encourage them to make plans for their futures.
  • To help children understand career related vocabulary and be able to use it when discussing various careers.

Implementation of Kingsway Careers

During the Autumn term, we annually hold an ‘Aspirations Day’, where children are invited to come to school dressed as somebody they would like to be when they grow up. During this day, our pupils talk about their wishes for their future careers and explore the skills and qualifications necessary to achieve their goals.

During the spring term, we annually hold a careers week, where the children are able to explore a range of career options and research them in further detail. During this week, we invite visitors into school to talk to our children about their professions and their job roles. We try to ensure that our pupils are given a wide range of experiences and members of our wider school community support us with the delivery of this.

In the Summer term, we hold our annual Enterprise event. This event has proven successful with our children and during the week, all pupils across school are given a budget with the aim to make the greatest profit. They have the opportunity to use budget spreadsheets to track their spending, design, create, market and sell their products.

Our children have many opportunities to experience applying for jobs through our Kingsway Careers scheme. To be successful in their job, they are required to complete an application form, source a trusted adult in school to be their reference and participate in an interview process. Jobs such as ‘Class Photographer’, ‘Chalk Board Menu Writer’, ‘Reading Scheme Organiser’ and ‘Scooter Trooper’, have proven popular in the past.

Alongside our whole school career events, careers education is woven through other subjects and lessons where possible. For example, work in e-safety lessons, where children learn about their 'digital footprints' links to children's understanding about how the internet and what we post online can damage our reputation and can have consequences in the world of work. Furthermore, from EYFS, the children have many opportunities to reflect on their own personal strengths through our ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’. Through cuddly toys, our children can reflect on times when they have been a ‘Go for it Gorilla’, where they have risen to a challenge or a ‘Persevering Parrot’, where they haven’t given up when things get tricky. In addition, KS2 have opportunities to reflect on their learning through making their learning relevant through our "Skills to Success". Our children develop important life skills such as teamwork, aiming high, leadership, problem solving and staying positive. Skills that help to prepare them for the world of work.

a photo of the cuddly toys which represent the characteristics of effective learning used by the early years foundation stage


Enterprise Week

photo of the school hall during the enterprise week in 2019    photo showing one of the activities created by the children during the 2019 enterprise week   an activity taking place during the enterprise week 2019  


Careers Fayre

photograph of children taking part in our careers week  children looking through different job profiles as part of the careers fayre   children taking part in the careers fayre and reading the job profiles created by other children in school


"What's My Line?" Events

Year 5 pupils had the opportunity to visit Goole Academy to take part in the Primary Futures, "What’s My Line?" event. At the event, our children had the opportunity to meet with volunteers from a vast array of different sectors, jobs and organisations. To name a few, among the volunteers were a fire fighter, a nurse, a digital marketing manager, a professional golfer, the Deputy Mayor of Goole and a radio presenter, as well as staff from local employers, such as the local council and the Sewell Group. The morning kicked off with their signature What’s my Line? assembly which saw the children ask six volunteers questions about their jobs, and then attempt to guess what it is they do.

children taking part in the what's my line event                                     children taking part in the what's my line event

Guest Visitors

 picture of the children meeting one of our guests who is speaking with them about their job role  picture of the children meeting one of our guests who is speaking with them about their job role  picture of the children meeting one of our guests who is speaking with them about their job role  visitor talking with children about their job

Mini Police Project 2021

Year 5 are taking part in an exciting project with Humberside Police. The Mini Police project is a means of engaging children with their communities. This 7-week project helps to address policing priorities, increase confidence and reduce any perceived barriers. It is seen as an attractive volunteering opportunity for children to contribute to policing and community safety, giving young people a voice. Our Mini Police volunteers do a fantastic job and love carrying out this important role.

a photograph of our mini police children


Junction Takeover 2021

Children in year 6 are currently taking over Junction with the ‘Kingsway Takeover’. This project run by Junction enables our children to be in charge of choosing the shows and films, developing a programme, writing press releases, monitoring ticket sales and conducting media interviews. During the festival and supported by Junction staff, the children will gain experience in roles such as Box Office, ushering guests to their seats, Film Projection and Technical.

Aspirations Day 2021

  our celebration of our aspirations - photos of dress up day

Aspirations 2021


Career Mark

Career Mark is a licensed awarding body for the national quality in careers standard. We are thrilled to announce that in 2019, Kingsway Primary School was the first primary school in the East Riding to achieve the award. In December 2021 we were the first school in the East Riding to achieve the award for a second time. This rigorous process evaluates the following five standards every two years:


Measures how the school sets school and pupil targets for careers education and how it measures the achievement of them.


Measures how the school allocates, trains and measures the competence of staff delivering the programme.


Measures the effectiveness of your systems for planning, managing and integrating CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance)


Measures how effectively your curriculum supports the development of learners’ knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes.

Pupil Outcomes

Evaluates the pupils’ learning from the CEE curriculum.


 the careers mark logo which is a green c and a white m with the wording careers mark primary recognising excellence in employability, careers and enterprise

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