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At Kingsway Primary School we teach discrete French lessons to our children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 using a progressive sequence from the ilanguages programme. During these lessons, learning takes place in many different ways including through the use of songs, rhymes, tongue twisters, stories, role-play, written activities and games.

Poster illustrating the language that is used in classrooms during french lessons. This includes instructions such as

Through these sessions, pupils learn to speak in French with increasing confidence and fluency, have short discussions and ask or answer simple questions. Each session builds on the previous one to ensure children develop increasing accuracy in their pronunciation of French words and phrases.

Whilst developing the children’s speaking and listening skills, we also begin to introduce our pupils to written sources to encourage their emerging reading skills and provide opportunities for the children to explore writing in French. To support the children’s reading and writing skills, we also teach French phonics to enable our pupils to attempt to read and spell less familiar words.

By the end of their time at Kingsway Primary School, we aim to have enabled all our pupils to

  • listen, understand and engage in a variety of conversations by asking questions and sharing their opinions
  • use a variety of basic language phrases and sentence structures
  • read a selection of French texts using increasingly accurate pronunciation
  • appreciate and enjoy stories, songs and rhymes in the French language
  • use dictionaries to broaden their understanding of new vocabulary
  • write simple phrases and sentences correctly
  • describe people, places and things
  • understand basic grammar relating to the French language, including feminine and masculine forms, the conjugation of high-frequency verbs and sentence structures.

Most of all, though, we hope to have developed a love of language-learning in our children and given them the confidence needed to learn a new language so that, as they grow up, they continue their learning and relish the opportunity to explore new languages. 

I love French! I enjoy the stories the most. Especially the one about the turnip!


I can now put my own sentences together


I have even practised my Maths in French’


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