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Home Learning Links

In the event of any absence, please use the following pages to access work that can be done from home. There are links to Oak National Academy lessons and sheets that cover cross curricular links to our themes. To submit work , please use the year group email address or send in paperwork when the absence is finished. If you have any concerns regarding home learning, please use the year group email to communicate with teachers. Teachers will regularly check the home learning emails, but if you need to speak to a teacher about home learning as a matter of urgency, please contact the school office. 

Each year group has a dedicated page from which you can access home-learning for your child. These pages may be accessed either using the links from the main menu or by clicking on the year group from the list below.

Please contact the school office if you have difficulties accessing online learning and would benefit from borrowing IT equipment

Nursery Learning

Reception Learning

Year 1 Learning

Year 2 Learning

Year 3 Learning

Year 4 Learning

Year 5 Learning

Year 6 Learning

Oak Academy have confirmed in February 2022 that access to their website is once again data-free and exempt from costs on all major networks.

Remote Learning Expectations

What to expect from school.

As a school, we will ensure that all teachers set appropriate work in-line with the current school curriculum, with lessons resourced through Oak National Academy. All remote learning will be available via our school website, where there will a link to the relevant year group. Within the guidance given, Oak National Academy will support remote learning as they link closely to the school curriculum, encourage independence and give explicit teaching from a quality model. The online lessons are offered as a recorded taught session. There is also a link to a year group feedback email address that should be used to send any work completed at home.

Alongside Oak National Academy, children will receive Login details from a range of platforms:

  • J2E 
  • TT Rockstars
  •  Mathletics 
  • Online Library 

These platforms will be used to; assign work / books that complement the lessons happening in school and to allow children to engage in extra-curricular activities of their choosing. All these platforms allow for teachers to check the work pupils have completed and assign relevant work where needed. 

Each week, staff will give feedback on all work submitted via the relevant year group home learning email address.

We will give feedback regularly and this will include improvement feedback.

We will monitor the engagement in remote learning frequently.

We will update the relevant learning platforms (listed above) with new material, that will also be monitored closely.
Details of these commitments will be published on the home-learning page of the school website.
Should you have problems accessing remote learning, please contact school to discuss your needs.

What we expect from you at home.

In the event of any form of isolation and loss of learning caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), parents must understand that engagement in home learning is compulsory, as is the expectation that Kingsway Primary School makes that provision available and accessible to all. 

Work should be submitted daily using the relevant remote learning email address.

Nursery (Ladybirds)

Reception (Giraffes and Penguins)

Year One  (1RF and 1FM)

Year Two  (2EK and 2HW)
Year Three  (3AMcK and 3JMCH)
Year Four  (4AH and 4CN)
Year Five  (5EN, 5JB and 5MH)
Year 6 (6DM, 6JP and 6MW)
If you are given improvement feedback, this should be acted upon according.


a poster describing how to email work using an iPhone

instructions for uploading pictures from android phones


Remote learning is accessible through the school website . Guidance from the government states that remote learning should be for a minimum of three hours a day. We fully understand that individual circumstances will not always make this possible and in light of this, we ask that you complete as much of the remote learning as you can and submit to the relevant remote learning email address. As is always the case, please email the generic remote learning email address - if you have issues regarding remote learning (

All other platforms should be used as often as possible. Please also use these platforms, to continue learning beyond the daily minimum expectations.
Please make sure your child stays safe whilst online. You can find out further information about online safety from here. The "Think You Know How" website has lots of resources to support children of all ages with keeping safe online.

The Oak National Aacdemy

The Oak National Academy provides lessons for your child based on their school year group. The links to the relevant classes are embedded in the curriculum plans listed for each year group above.

the Oak National Academy logo which is an acorn

Other Activities

Click here for suggestions of other activities to undertake at home as well as links to learning platforms and websites.

Keeping Safe Online

You can find additional information about keeping safe online from here. The poster below may be downloaded as a PDF by clicking on the image.

a poster giving suggestions for websites where you can find online safety help and advice


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