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Kingsway is a fun and inclusive place to learn.  We firmly believe that ‘Every Child’ should be given ‘Every Chance’ to attend and enjoy an after school activity. And our staff are striving to achieve this mission ‘Every Day’.

In addition to the National Curriculum, coverage, we feel that children should be given opportunities to develop life skills that enable them to succeed and achieve well as individuals in all walks of society.

We aim to provide opportunities for our children which will enrich their life experiences.  Extra-curricular activities boost young people's confidence to interact socially with others; extend their social networks; and provide them with new skills and abilities. Above all, they offer an important space to have fun and relax away from the pressures of school work. (Donnelly, Lazetic, P., Sandovai-Hernandex, A., Kumar, K. and Whewall, S. (2021). An Unequal Playing Field: Extra-Curricular Activities, Soft Skills and Social Mobility.  Department of Education and Institute for Policy Research, University of Bath.)

We have worked in collaboration with the children to provide an exciting and engaging enrichment offer each term.  Our offer covers the interests of pupils with academic, sporting and arts interests.

After school Club timetable from 19th February 2024

spring 2 clubs.pdf


After school Club timetable from 8th January 2024


spring 1.pdf



  a photograph of the club noticeboard which children can use to note their ideas for clubs  

a photograph pf the comments left by children on the suggestion board


If you have any comments or suggestions relating to after school provision please speak with Mrs Wigglesworth (extra-curricular lead) or call the school office.

Pupil Voice

I have learnt how to play the recorder.


I learnt that too much water is bad for plants.


I liked cross-stitch club because it was fun and I learnt a new skill.


First aid club will help me save lives.


I have learnt how to sketch and add shade to my drawing.


At dodgeball I can have fun and play with my friends.


Y3 Gardening Club


Eco-Club Adventures

Our Eco-Warriors had a fabulous day at Woodmeadow Trust, Escrick. You can see their adventures in the gallery below.


External Website Links:

Don't forget that as well as activities offered by school, there are also a variety of clubs and activities on offer in the local community. Some of the activities on offer are listed below .Please note that Kingsway Primary School is not responsible for the content of external websites. 

Goole Leisure Centre

Goole Tennis Centre