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Kingsway Nursery - Ladybird class

We aim for our nursery to provide an atmosphere that is warm and friendly, where young children can grown in confidence, independence and self-control. Through stimulating and exciting activities, the children will continue to develop their language and their skills to express and understand themselves, their experiences and their world.


Our nursery caters for 3 and 4 year olds. We currently offer 15 funded hours per child per week. 

Contact the school office to arrange a visit and find out more about our session times. We would love to see you!

 A copy of our school's Nursery Admission Policy may be accessed from here. 

You can view images of our Ladybirds Classroom and see what we have been doing in the gallery below.






Learning About the World in Nursery

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We have been reading the book "Here we are" by Oliver Jeffers and learning about the planet Earth and the world around us. We have made pictures of the planet Earth, looked on maps at where we live, looked at pictures of houses in Goole and then drawn pictures of who lives in our houses.

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Photographs of the Nursery Unit - our Ladybirds Class.

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