Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School

Sports News

News about inter-schools and intra-class sporting events will be posted here throughout the year.

Inter-Schools Events Timetable

Day Event Age Group Outcome
24th September 2019 Netball Festival hosted by Kingsway Years 3 & 4 Over 80 pupils from the Goole Cluster Schools attended the festival.
1st October 2019 Cross Country (Interschools) Years 3/4 & Years 5/6


Postponed due to inclement weather.

8th October 2019 Olive Hunt Netball Tournament Years 5/6 Kingsway retained the trophy! We won the tournament with 23/25 points.
15th October 2019 Boys 7-A-Side Football Years 5/6
22nd October 2019 Girls 7-A-Side Football Years 5/6
12th November 2019 Sportshall Athletics Years 5/6
3rd December 2019 Boys 5-A-Side Indoor Football Years 5/6
10th December 2019 Girls 5-A-Side Indoor Football Years 5/6
21st January 2020 Benchball Years 3/4
28th January 2020 All Star Indoor Cricket Festival tbc
tbc New Age Kurling Years 3/4
10th March 2020 Dance Year 4
17th March 2020 Dodgeball Years 3/4
24th March 2020 Swimming Gala Key Stage 2
5th May 2020 School Move 4 Health Cross School
11-14th  May 2020 Quads Kids Athletics Events Years 3/4 & Years 5/6  Trialling a virtual league
15th May 2019 Rounders Years 5/6
19th May 2019 Orienteering Years 5/6
4th June 2020 Mini-Tennis (non-club players) Years 3/4 & Years 5/6
5th June 2020 (tbc)) Kwik Cricket Years 5/6
16th June 2020 Tag Rugby Years 5/6
23rd June 2020 Multi-Skills Festival Key Stage 2
30th June 2020 Change 4 Life Celebration Across School
7th July 2020 Biathlon Key Stage 1
14th July 2020 Ultimate Frisbee Years 3/4

 Intra-Class Events

Date Event Outcome
W/c 30th September 2019 Netball:: Teams from 6MW and 6JP are having a netball contest. Each class has three teams. The teams from within each class play each other in a round robin. The winning team from each class will play a final to determine the Y6 winning side. The gauntlet has been thrown down! Who will win?