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Phonics Resources

The following table explains the phonemes (sounds) and words that your child should be practising. Please talk with your child's teacher about which sets of phonemes and words your child is currently learning in school. Once you know this, click in the relevant part of the table or select from the list of documents at the bottom of the page, to access learning activities appropriate to what they are currently learning.

At Kingsway we are using Chatta to embed learning. Chats for each set of sounds may also be accessed from the table. 

I am currently learning.... So, I need to practise.... and the RED words.... and alien words from.... Chats to embed learning...
Set One phonemes

Green words set one


Set one multisyllabic words






Set 1 Set One
Set Two phonemes

Green words set two


Set two multisyllabic words




Set 1 and Set 2 Set Two
Set Three phonemes

Green words set three


Set three multisyllabic words






Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 Set Three
Set Three additional phonemes

Green words set three additional


Additional multisyllabic words

Revise all of the above Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 and additional  

 You can also find support and resources for parents directly from the Read Write Inc website. This link also includes tutorial videos to support you with your child's reading journey, such as how to pronounce pure sounds and  how to help your child blend sounds into words.