Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School

Phonics Resources Early Year (RECEPTION)

Children in reception learn a new phonics sound everyday. At Kingsway we are using "Chatta" to help you support you child learning their initial sounds. You can listen to the chat together to embed learning undertaken in school or as part of home-learning during any absence from school.. Click on the image in the table below to access the chat.

Week One:

29th September 2021             the letter m  m m m
29th September 2021                the a sound  a a a 
29th September 2021                the s sounds  s s s 
1st October 2021 the letter t   t t t 
1st October 2021 the d sound  d d d 

Please practise these high frequency words:

three words to practise this week as a at

You can practice reading high frequency words using this document.

Online Phonics Resources

Please remember to keep you child safe when online. You can access support and advice on keeping children safe online from here.

Icon for ICT Games Can be used on computers and soon tablets and iPads

 Teach Your Monster To Read Icon    The website is free. You need to register.


Phonics Play Icon   This website is currently free.


Letters and Sounds Icon      This website is free.