Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School

Reception Learning

General Activities

Here are suggestions for other activities you could undertake at home:

  • Paint a self portrait
  • Plant some bulbs and watch them grow
  • Make a sandwich
  • Make a paper boat and see if it floats
  • Perform a song to your family
  • Re-tell a story to your family
  • Take a photograph
  • Make a treasure map
  • Dress up like a pirate
  • Look up where you live on a map
  • Have a teddy bears picnic

Home Learning Tasks

You have all worked really hard over the past 3 months. Although it is now time to enjoy the sunshine, if you would like some tasks to undertake please look at the "End of Year One" objectives in the document below to see what key skills your child will be working towards over the next 12 months.

However, it would really help us if you could support your children over the break with becoming more independent and self-reliant so that they are ready for the return to school in September. Skills such as being able to get dressed and put on a coat independently, tying shoe laces and learning how to cut up food using a knife and fork which would ensure that their return to school is as safe as possible. 

You can find out more about the Year one curriculum (what the children learn) from our curriculum pages.

View document home_learning_reception/home_learning_project_5_-_key_skills.pdf


Chatta Links

Phonics Chatta Link 06.04.20 (ay, ee, igh, ow, oo and she/we/he)
Chatta Phonics 20.04.20 (ay, ee, igh, ow, oo including challenge sentences)
Chatta Phonics 27.04.20 (ar, ir, or)
Chatta Phonics 04.05.20 (oy, ou, air)
Chatta Phonics 11.05.20 (phonics and captions)
Chatta High Frequency Words 11.05.20 (will, was, all, said, went, have)
Chatta Phonics  18.05.20 (phonics and captions)
Chatta High Frequency Words 18.05.20 (that, this, them, they, like, some)
Chatta High Frequency Words 01.06.20 (there, see, come, with, little, them)
Chatta Phonics Captions 01.06.20 
Chatta Phonics 08.06.20
Chatta High Frequency Words 08.06.20 (come, for , there, now, little, down)
Chatta Phonics Chat 15.06.20
Chatta High Frequency Words 23.06.20 (down, look, too, said, have, like)
Chatta High Frequency Words 29.06.20 (from, it's, went, do, some, come)
Story Telling Chatta Story 06.04.20 - Max and Cyril
Chatta Three Little Pigs 20.04.20
Chatta The Super Pigs 27.04.20
Chatta Rosie's Walk 04.05.
You Tube - Mrs Smith Re-telling Rosie's Walk 11.05.20
Chatta - Back to Earth With A Bump 01.06.20
You Tube - What Ever Next! Story Retell. 15.06.20
Number Chatta Maths Doubling 27.04.20
Chatta Maths Sharing 04.05.20
Chatta Numbers 1-6 11.05.20
Chatta Number Formation Chat 18.05.20
Chatta Number Formation 01.06.20
Chatta Numbers 16-20 08.06.20
Learning About the World Chatta VE Day 18.05.20
Chatta Neil Armstrong 08.06.20
You Tube - Man on the Moon Song 08.06.20
Chatta Tim Peake Astronaut 15.06.20


Other Resources 

This is the "sounds map" that the children use in school to support them with their writing. 

Sounds map used by children in reception classes