Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School

Religious Education (RE)

Through merging Cornerstones and the Current East Riding RE syllabus we aim to provide a broad coverage of the six key religions. This balanced delivery of RE will prepare our children for the challenges of life as a modern citizen. In our ever changing world, British Values and SMSC links heavily and allows children to develop their knowledge of the world around them. Through the successful delivery of RE we are able to challenge common misconceptions.  We aim to openly discuss opinions and beliefs in a democratic way which helps children to understand mutual respect and tolerance of others.

Cornerstones enables children to present their work in numerous ways and we strongly believe that effective learning takes place when there is considerable emphasis on active involvement, opportunities to talk both imaginatively, expressively and to explain and clarify thinking. Therefore, in order to develop well-rounded, happy individuals, we deliver a project-based thematic approach and provide children with a diet of rich and memorable learning experiences.

An overview of coverage may be viewed in the documents listed below.

picture of children using Godly Play


 photo of children's writing about peace


Hinduism Focus Week Autumn 2021

During the Autumn Term, we held a whole school focus week on Hinduism. Please look at the galleries below to see examples of  the activities undertaken in reception (EYFS), year 2 and year 6.