Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School


At Kingsway Primary School we have robust systems in place to safeguard and protect the welfare of all children, staff and volunteers.  

We have produced the leaflet below, which gives you an introduction to safeguarding and child protection within our school.

Click here to view our Safeguarding Leaflet

 Who is responsible for Safeguarding?

Everyone is responsible for safeguarding - everybody has a part to play.

Below is a list of the key people with specific safeguarding responsibilities and details of how to contact them.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs Lynsey Ledger

Kingsway Primary School

01405 763716

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 


Mrs Kristina Frary

Kingsway Primary School

01405 763716

Child Protection and Safeguarding Governor Mrs Emma Johnson

Kingsway Primary School

01405 763716

Chair of Governors Mr Nick Holmes

Kingsway Primary School

01405 763716

Looked After Children

Designated Teacher

Mrs Louise Priday

Kingsway Primary School

01405 763716

E safety Coordinator

Annabelle Hollowell

Kingsway Primary School

01405 763716

 Safeguarding and Partnership Hub









Child Protection Initial Referral

Support and Advice:

Intensive and Specialist Safeguarding Support


1. Urgent CP Concerns

2. Consultation with a Social Worker


Mon to Thur 8.30am - 5.00pm

Fri 8.30am - 4.30pm


Tel 01482 395500



Request for service forms to:



Children's Emergency Duty Team

Urgent Child Protection concerns outside of office hours where a child is at risk of significant harm

01482 393939

Early Help Locality Hub

Early Help Additional Support for children and families initial consultation

 Consultation 01482 391700


Request for service from the Hub nearest to where the child lives:


Local East Riding Safeguarding Children Team Goole Children's Safeguarding Team 01482 396842
Local East Riding Safeguarding Children Team Manager


Caroline Sykes



01482 396842



Education Safeguarding Manager (ERYC)

Chris Hamling

General strategic and operational school Safeguarding & Child Protection advice

Tel 01482 396999



Lorraine Wilson

Siobhan Bath


Referral of possible allegations against staff and volunteers

Tel 01482 396999

School critical incident and educational visits emergencies (not Child Protection) 24 hour guidance and support

01482 392999

Humberside Police East Riding Vulnerable People Unit


Humberside Police Hate Crime / Incident Reporting



East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership General Strategic and operational Safeguarding & CP advice and multi agency training (will become ERSCP)


East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership Training Training Admin and information




North Yorkshire

North Lincs

North East Lincs

Children's Social Care

01482-448879 EDT 01482 - 300304

01609-780780 EDT 01609-780780

01724-296500 EDT 01724-296500

01472-326292 EDT 01472 326292

Prevent Referral

Humberside Police



What should you do if you are concerned about the safety and welfare of a child?

During school hours you can speak to the school's Designated Safeguarding Lead. Out of school hours, you could ring the Eastriding Safeguarding and Partnership Hub on 01482 393939 or 01482 395500. In the case of an emergency, ring 999.

Please remember, we ALL have a duty to safeguard children. 


poster issued by East Riding telling people how to report any safeguarding concerns they may have

Safer Recruitment 

Safer Recruitment training is provided by the East Riding Safeguarding Children's Board. At least one person on every interview panel has attended this training. 

Safeguarding Training for Staff

All members of staff undergo safeguarding training at induction. This training is refreshed at least once annually. Additionally, all staff complete online Local Authority Safeguarding Training. Skills and knowledge are updated regularly via emails, staff meetings, briefings and newsletters. 

Safeguarding Policy

Policies are reviewed regularly. Please click on the policies section to view a selection of our Safeguarding Policies.

Information Sharing

In order for us to safeguard your child effectively it is essential that we are provided with key information. including any medical, dietary and allergy needs. Also, we must hold a minimum of 2 emergency contact numbers. Any changes to your child's personal health and welfare circumstances, including contact details for parents/carers and any restrictions on contact with family members, must be reported to us immediately. 

We may, in rare circumstances, need to make a Child Protection referral or seek advice from Children's Social Care, without the knowledge or consent of parents/carers.

Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is a national scheme.  Police share information with schools when they have attended a domestic abuse incident. This enables schools to offer immediate support to children experiencing domestic abuse. 

Safeguarding Information for Parents and Carers

We have created additional pages that are packed full of safeguarding information and handy tips, for parents and carers. Click here to view the menu of information available.