Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School

Set Three Phonemes (sounds)

 At Kingsway we are using "Chatta" to help you support you child learning their initial sounds. You can listen to chats together to embed learning undertaken in school or as part of home-learning during any absence from school. Click on the links below to access chats.

The writing rhyme for each phoneme (sound) is also included so that you can support children with letter formation.

To access the chats, either click on the image in the table below or scan the QR code with your phone. Please speak with your child's keyworker or teacher if you require any support using these chats or would like to discuss how you can best support your child with learning to read.

You can find out more about how children learn to read at Kingsway from our curriculum pages. You can also access additional phonic resources from our "Phonic Resources" webpage.

Happy chatting everyone!

Set Three Sounds

Please be aware that as this page is currently under-development, only phonemes (sounds) taught to date this school year (2021-22) are currently uploaded as chattas. This page will be updated every week as new phonemes are taught. New chats are added to the bottom of the page.

a picture of two people making a cake with the rhyme make a cake make a cake QR code for A-E
a picture of a family sitting on a picnic rug sharing food care and share QR code for the ARE sound
picture of a girl holding a steaming cup of tea cup of tea QR code for EA sound
picture of a big brown hairy monster huge brute QR code for U-E sound
pictures of birds singing in a tree as the sun rises yawn at dawn QR code for AW sound
picture of someone wearing a large and smiling widely nice and smile qr code for i-e sound
picture of a small boy opening lots of presents given to him by two adults spoil the boy QR code for the o-i sound
picture of an alien trying to phone home to his planet phone home QR code for o-e sound
picture of a nurse in her uniform holding her purse nurse with a purse QR code for ur sound
picture of a postman holding a letter up high in his hand as if to pass it to someone a better letter qr code for er sound
picture of a running race with two boys about to cross the red tape at the finish line go Pete and Steve QR code for e-e sound
a picture of a man wearing a large bright tie with a group of children looking up at him in disbelief terrible tie qr code for ie sound
picture of a snail with a raincloud above his head snail in the rain QR code for ai sound
a picture of a brown cow brown cow QR code for the ow sound
picture with the letters kn and a knight knocking at a castle door knock knock, who's there? QR code for kn sound
picture of a person eating a bowl of hot stew chew the stew QR code for ew sound
picture of a goat rowing a small sailing boat goat in a boat QR code for oa sound
picture of two people whisking a mixture in a bowl whisk, whisk, whisper, whisk QR code for wh sound
Picture of a man holding children by the hand as they walk away from smoke fire fire QR code for ire
picture of a fire engine come to the rescue QR code for ue
a picture of an astronaut standing on a planet and waving Paul the astronaut QR code for au
picture of children taking a photo of some plants Take a photo QR code for ph sound
a lady a child and a dog listening Hear with your ear QR code for ear sound
a picture of an old woman passing a boy a glass of something and saying sure it's pure Sure it's pure QR code for ure

Online Phonics Resources

Please remember to keep you child safe when online. You can access support and advice on keeping children safe online from here.

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