Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School

Set Two Phonemes (sounds)

At Kingsway we are using "Chatta" to help you support you child learning their initial sounds. You can listen to chats together to embed learning undertaken in school or as part of home-learning during any absence from school. Click on the links below to access chats.

The rhyme for each phoneme (sound) is also included.

To access the chats, either click on the image in the table below or scan the QR code with your phone. Please speak with your child's keyworker or teacher if you require any support using these chats or would like to discuss how you can best support your child with learning to read.

You can find out more about how children learn to read at Kingsway from our curriculum pages. You can also access additional phonic resources from our "Phonic Resources" webpage.

Happy chatting everyone!

Set Two Sounds

Link to Chat Phoneme (sound) Rhyme QR Code for Chat
picture of children playing together representing the ay sound


May I play? QR code for the ay sound
picture of a person looking across the landscape


What can you see? QR code for the ee sound
somebody flying a kite in the wind


Fly high QR code for the igh sound
a polar bear standing on ice representing the ow sound


Blow the snow QR code for the ow sound
picture of a zoo keeper with a shovel on his shoulder representing the oo sound


Poo at the zoo QR code for oo sound
a picture of a girl reading a book representing the oo sound


Look at a book QR code for the oo sound
a picture of a family in the car


Start the car QR code for ar sound 
picture of a space ship with aliens coming down the stairs


Shut the door QR code for or sound
child having an argument representing the air sound


That's not fair QR code for air sound
people dancing and twirling around representing the ir sound


Whirl and twirl QR code for ir sound
picture of people shouting into the air representing the ou sound


Shout it out QR code for the ou sound
boy sitting on the ground playing with his toy robot representing the oy sound


A toy to enjoy QR code for the oy sound