Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School


All the Kingsway teachers have been really impressed with the work you have sent into school this past 3 months. 

We know that you all need a break from your home-learning over the summer. If you would like some more tasks to complete, we are suggesting that you focus on some of the key skills that are expected from the National Curriculum. These are outlined in the embedded document below. You can find our more about the school's curriculum (what children learn) and the key skills associated with each year group by looking at our "curriculum" pages.

However, it would really help us if you could support your children over the break with becoming more independent and self-reliant so that they are ready for the return to school in September. Skills such as being able to get dressed and put on a coat independently, tying shoe laces and learning how to cut up food using a knife and fork which would ensure that their return to school is as safe as possible. 


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