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Welcome to Kingsway Primary School.  It is with real pleasure that we present to you our school, where we take the greatest care in ensuring that every child is valued and reaches their full potential.

'Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day' is the schools drive to ensure all children are engaged and make extraordinary progress.


At Kingsway Primary School we aim to provide a secure, caring, happy and enjoyable environment for our pupils where each child can flourish as an individual.  We seek to promote the development of each pupil, regardless of gender, race, social class or special needs so that all. children achieve their maximum potential.


We aim to ensure that Kingsway Primary School promotes high achievement by working with children to:-

  • Develop their full potential academically, morally, spiritually and physically.
  • Become enthused lifelong learners.
  • Build confidence to achieve dreams.
  • Cultivate respect for themselves, others and the environment.
  • Act independently and co-operatively.
  • Adopt enquiring and flexible minds.
  • Gain competent technological skills.


  • We will know and value each child and look for the best in them.
  • We will value and respect every member of the school community and everyone will be encouraged to take responsibility, to make a contribution and to achieve their full potential.
  • The core values of integrity, courtesy, trust and care will run through all aspects of school life and all will be expected to treat others as they would wish to be treated.
  • We will be an open, welcoming and responsive school with clear lines of communication.
  • We will have high expectations of ourselves and each other.
  • The school will be at the heart of the local community.